Wednesday, December 27, 2006

A brief Summary of Christmas

Well its all over for another year, only new years to look forward to now, until we face another 52 weeks of work! Oh the depression of it all!

Anyway, enough of that. Christmas was this year, all in all a sucess, and I will sum it all up in the following points

1. Christmas Eve in Town (back in Wales) - Went well, didn't have to hide from any ex's who I last saw after I uttered the words "I'll call u tomorrow". Happy Days!
2. Christmas Eve in Town - Went well again, as I didn't bump into any Old Friends who I last saw after uttering the words "I promise, I will keep in touch this time!"
3. Christmas Day with the Family - Good and Bad - Good as I ate lots, Drank lots and one of my sisters has just had a baby, so I could just disappear into the background, while the whole family fussed over the baby and not me. Bad as brand new babies cry a lot and typically its when beverage is trying to sleep. Bad as I spent far too much money on presents for my family!
4. Boxing Day - Ate lots, Drank Lots, Slept! Total success!
5. Wednesday - Family leaves me alone with parents who will now fuss like there's no tomorrow. I dont leave till Friday!

So Christmas was not so bad, the next couple of days could be torture. Back in Londinium on Friday and The Nameless One, we will be having lots of beers!


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